What is a barrel holder?

Barrel holders are the most common holder used for standard press welders. They came in several barrel diameters ranging from 5/8 – 1 ½”. The most popular size is 1 ¼” diameter. Standard lengths are 8 and 12”.



A cut away of an ejector style barrel holder is shown below,

barrel holder


Barrel holders can be purchased with electrode ejector systems or without. Ejector holders are highly recommended. The difference in cost will pay for itself in down time and frustration when you have the first bad experience removing an electrode.

They all come with water cooling tubes and tube length adjustment. The one shown is spring loaded to keep the tube always against the inside face of the electrode. Manual adjustment tubes are delivered with the tube inside the barrel. Reach in with needle nose pliers and slide it out to the proper length to cool the electrode.

The water inlets and outlets are always marked in or out. This is very important for proper cooling.

The barrel holder holders are sold as standard and premium holders. The main difference is that premium holders use Class 2 Copper which is stronger and will hold up for a longer period without damage to the barrel and taper. Standard holders use ETP Copper which is not as hard and therefore not as durable.

Replacement part kits are available for various components of barrel holder systems.

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