What is a platen mount holder?

Platen mounted (PM) holders are designed to be used with press type welder platens or they can be used as components of any specialized weld fixture. They are offered in two body sizes which match the standard T-slot spacing of standard RWMA welders.


Platen Mount 

PM holders are offered in two sizes. The smaller holder is for RWMA Size 1 machines with 3-1/2” spaced slots. The larger holder is for RWMA Size 2 and 3 welders which have 5 and 6” spacing. The holders can be mounted singly, side to side on a platen or on a backup base as desired.

The PM holders are available with standard electrode tapers or threaded for adapters. All are water cooled. Water tube extenders can be purchased to match the length of the electrode being used.

Reference: Tuffaloy Products Resistance Welding Catalog

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