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AWS – American Welding Society is a nonprofit organization founded in 1919 to globally advance the science, technology and application of welding and allied joining and cutting processes, including brazing, soldering and thermal spray. It is headquartered in Miami and has 70,000 members worldwide. It encompasses students, welders, sales, business leaders, manufacturers, educational institutions, and associations worldwide. It is a very active in education, scholarship, technical publications, technical standards and welder certification.

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RWMA – Resistance Welding Manufacturers Alliance is a nonprofit standing committee of the American Welding Society. It is made up of professionals and companies with the goal to advance the resistance welding process. Their goals are to demonstrate the economic advantages or resistance welding, support education of the process, distribute and explain the latest technology and practices to the end users, support development of new and improved equipment and processes and encourage industry wide participation and networking to improve the flow of information.

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EWI – Edison Welding Institute is an engineering and technology organization located in Columbus, OH. Their goal is the advancement of materials joining and allied manufacturing technologies. They offer a variety of equipment and process capabilities in house to test, evaluate and implement advancements in materials joining.