How much force can a resistance welding electrode taper withstand?

Resistance welding tapers are precision tapers for attachment of electrodes to resistance welding holders. They are meant for quick and easy attachment and removal. If the weld forces used in the application are excessive for the size of the taper, the male taper can be driven into the female taper and ruin the tooling. Electrode removal may become difficult or impossible and further use of the holder is compromised. RWMA Fig 18.3 in the RWMA Manual 4th Edition, shows the relationship of electrode weld face size, applied force and maximum capability.

Similar data is shown in this chart:

Net Electrode Force

One must not exceed the electrode forces listed for the various tapers or risk taper damage. At 2400 Lbs force other mechanical means besides tapers must be used for electrode attachment. Threaded, flanged, straight or mechanical taper system must be used at these high forces.  An example of a flanged electrodes is shown below.

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Reference: RWMA - "Resistance Welding Manual 4th Edition"


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