Have eight robot guns and one stationary gun need automated tip dressers for all

Automated lines are very common in today’s factory. In the resistance welding world this means the parts are automatically brought to a work station. A robot with a weld gun is activated and makes a series of welds. It pulls back and waits or dresses the electrodes at an automated dressing station during the part index time. Sometimes these dresses happen after each part, sometimes after several parts. The goal is that the electrodes are generally dressed frequently but lightly and kept fresh for a long life.

These automated dressing systems are incorporated into the weld systems. Often the dressers are built and designed by the system integrator. In some cases the integrator incorporates dressers manufactured by others into their systems.

Pneumatic Dresser


In either case automated equipment systems are outside the area of this forum.

To find information on this subject contact your local equipment or system supplier or resistance welding distributor.

RESOURCE: RWMA - Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance has a listing of member companies who could be of assistance in this endeavor.

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