Are cap adapters repairable?

Welding guns use special copper alloy arms/adapters which function as electrode holders. They attach to the gun on one end and have a cap taper at the other for the electrode. They are frequently called cap adapters.


                      CAP ADAPTERS

With time these adapters wear out. A common failure mode is the electrode taper.

The question is can cap adapters be repaired?

A faulty bend or cracked adapter is not repairable.

Tapers are being repaired.  This is done on a limited basis depending upon the application, design and condition of the adapter. Keep in mind a repaired adapter is not as strong will not have the life of a new adapter.  Repaired adapter could be held in reserve for when new adapters are not available.

A new adapter is the better choice for production line continuity.

Reference: Photo courtesy of -Tuffaloy Resistance Welding Products Catalog

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