What is follow up in projection welding?

Follow up describes the ability of the welding equipment to maintain full force while the projection weld collapses. This is very critical because any variation will change the contact resistance and thus the heat being generated in that projection. Generally this would result in more heat and the projection might overheat and start to expel molten material. If the material expels there may not be anything left to form a nugget. This weld nugget collapse occurs very quickly and some large press welders have excess weight to move causing inertia or a faulty gun cylinder may stick and not be able to follow up properly.

 Many welders are designed with low inertia rams/heads to make them responsive to the projection collapse.

Fast Follow up weld head


Cylinders maintenance for the smaller gun type installations will keep them in good operating order. There are also low inertia holders available to adapt standard machine welders. These low inertia holders employ strong die springs to generate the instantaneous force and follow-up necessary for projection welding.

 Fast Follow up holder


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