What typical functions can weld controls perform?

Weld controls come in many sizes and many options are available to make them very versatile in their functionality. The controls found in the marketplace include AC, DC, MFDC and Capacitive Discharge. MFDC and AC are the most used in today’s market place. There are many DC units in use but MFDC are much smaller and more practical when the application permit their use. CD welders continue to find a few applications where the stored energy approach and a sudden large power input does the job.

Controls can be customized to deliver:

Constant Voltage
Constant Current
Current Steppers
Up Slope
Down Slope
Pulses or repeat
Quench or Quench and Temper
Store and Report the results
Adaptive controls – change parameters during the weld to insure a nugget

Reference: RWMA - Resistance Welding Manual 4th Edition

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