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Class 1 material is a designation of the Resistance Welding Manufacturers Alliance (RWMA) which describes a group of copper alloys with good strength and high electrical conductivity.  Class 1 is often used to weld aluminum and other good conductors like brasses and bronzes which require high weld currents.

bar stock

Class 1 Bar Stock

Ohm's Law is the law of physics which expains the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance in an electrical circuit. It states:

Joule's Law is the relationship between current flow through a resister for a length of time which creates heat.

Cooling is possibly the most important factor in electrode life. Proper water tube location will insure water flow as close as possible to the working face with the proper flow and temperature water. In each resistance welding application after the weld schedule is determined and the proper pressure, current and time (PCT) are set another important factor for electrode life is water cooling. Even with the proper setting every electrode will see very high temperatures and forces on its face. Over time this creates the traditional mushrooming of the weld face. To slow this face wear down we must reduce the time at high temperature that the weld face sees. Proper water cooling of the electrode is critical.

Water for the electrode should always come directly from the water manifold and not be plumbed to use water from another weld machine component. Cooling water is the most important item to insure electrode life. Therefore the amount of water and its temperature are very critical.

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